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School Field Trips

Bring your students to Kidchen Concepts for an unforgettable and fun learning experience. Not only will they cook something in our custom made Kidchen, but they can also get involved in gardening, entrepreneurial and recycling activities. Whether you have an hour or a whole day available, we have a program to suit your needs!

Cost – R100 per child
Fun Sensory Activity (40 min)
We all know that some foods taste better than others but what gives us the ability to experience all these unique flavours? This interactive activity shows that there’s a lot more to flavor than just taste. Who can identify the smell without tasting it, how does hearing aid us in the kitchen and how well can we taste without seeing something.
Making the perfect soft boiled egg (20 min)
To be able to boil an egg is seen as the ultimate test of being able to cook, but ask any chef and they each have their own “foolproof” way and it is actually not as easy as it sounds. What are the factors to take into account?

Cost – R100 per child

5 uses for old plastic milk or juice containers (45 min)
Plastic milk jugs and water bottles will never degrade in the landfill. The reality is recycling plastic only temporarily extends its life. Recycled plastics become a lower-grade plastic that eventually ends in a landfill anyway. By re-purposing plastic bottles, we can reduce waste, craft useful items, and save money! We engage children in simple “up-cycling” activities that are good for the garden and the planet.
Planting (15 min)
Each child goes home with a herb that they planted themselves into the up-cycled plastic container that they just crafted.

Cost R200 per child

The mini programs can be combined for bigger groups and/or a longer program. Groups will be split into 2 and will swop activities after an hour.

Cost R300 per child

Breakfast Cooking Activity (45 min)
The group makes their own breakfast under guidance of our professional chef, learning how to act in a kitchen, about safety in the kitchen and how to use the senses while cooking.
Eating Breakfast Together (30 min)
The group eats together and learn how to lay a table, table manners and clearing and recycling after a meal.
Gardening Activity (60 min)
Spend time in our garden to learn about how to grow your own food, why it is important to eat fresh food and seasonality. They will also do some potting, with each child taking a potted seedling home.
Recycling (45 min)
Why do we have to recycle, how do we recycle and showing them how to use recycling materials in art projects and how to repurpose.

Cost R150 per child
Let’s make it cool again to take a lunchbox to school and avoid the unhealthy food in many tuck shops. We will teach the children the importance of a healthy lunchbox and what it should look like. We touch on subjects such as variety, freshness, seasonality, cost, portion sizes etc. The children choose ingredients from our “market” and vegetable garden according to colour coded guidelines. They then each make up a lunchbox which can be eaten in our garden or taken on the bus back home.

If you have something else in mind we can also design your field trip according to your needs. Contact us to discuss.

• Field trips are offered year-round on weekdays during school terms.
• No field trips on Public or School Holidays.
• Prices, times and programs subject to availability and change without notice.
• 50% deposit required on booking.
• Balance by EFT, cash or credit card before or on day of visit.
Reservations & Information:
Call Petra  – 082 940 6108 / petra@kidchenconcepts.co.za