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sml-bannerThe program that creates confident, competent young cooks armed with the knowledge to make healthy food choices for life

We cover the full cycle of food in all our activities through the following elements:


Kidchen Concepts is an innovative culinary program that teaches children, aged 3 to 12 the important life skill of cooking through interactive and hands-on participation. It introduces them to the joys and social dimensions of food preparation and shows them the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating habits, all while having lots of fun and probably not even realising that they are being educated! At Kidchen Concepts we want to bring families back to basics, spending time in the kitchen and having fun together. To us it is important that children experience the joy of eating together as a family and we make sure to teach them not only to cook, but also about the wider picture. I.e. where does your food come from, what’s important when making food choices, food production, table manners and putting back into the earth through recycling.